1. Mav3n's Avatar
    So I wait and wait for Spirit. It comes out (!!!THANK YOU COMEX etal!!!) I do my thing and am happy again. Until the silent switch gave out on me. Ugh. Its still under warranty, so off the Apple Store I go. Obviously I need to virginize my phone, but before I do, I want to make a complete backup. I mean I'd love to image it (bit for bit) and then replace the image when I get the new or repaired phone back. I'm curious though... how much does iTunes backup (not sync, but backup) actually do? Will it back up all my JB apps and mods? I really don't want to go back through and re download all my cydia and rock apps. Especially since I lost a few paid apps in cydia when I crashed and was forced to go to 3.1.3 a while back.
    It looks like Rock keeps a record of all my downloaded stuff through them, how do I access the previously downloaded stuff if I have to re-JB a new or reset phone?

    So to summerize:
    1. I need to make a COMPLETE backup of my OS
    2. Does anyone have any suggestions about software?
    3. Will iTunes backup my JB's apps and mods?

    05-15-2010 02:21 PM
  2. JohnH59's Avatar
    iTunes will not back up your JB apps and mods. You'll have to re-jailbreak and download the apps and mods you want.
    05-15-2010 03:50 PM
  3. big9erfan's Avatar
    There are jailbreak apps that will "backup" your jailbreak apps. AptBackup is one example.
    05-15-2010 04:07 PM
  4. Mav3n's Avatar
    Thanks !!!
    It went perfectly. iTunes restored all my iTunes apps, spirit for the JB, then aptbackup put everything else back to right. Exactly how I was hoping it would go. All that's left is to re-arrange my springboard.

    That's why I love this community!
    05-21-2010 01:37 PM