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    well, i took it upon myself to jailbreak my iPod touch 3g. everything went fine untill it came to opening the app entitled "Blackra1n". I did so but i was unable to select any of the three options due to some sort of error which unfortunately i am unable to remember the specifics of. I then thought the situation could be resolved by selecting the uninstall option in the app and then rejailbreaking it. However after rejailbreaking the app did not reappear and after numerous efforts including restoring and then jailbreaking, the app has refused to come back. So here i am, wondering if anyone can help me and if there is a way of selecting the options without the app, if i am doing or have done something wrong, of if there is some sort of way of getting that elusive app onto my ipod again.
    05-13-2010 01:22 PM