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    I jailbroked my iPod touch but I have some problems with Cydia

    When I start Cydia this is what I get:
    -First: "Downloading Packages.."
    -Pop-up: "Error: refreshing Data"
    (Including GPG error, Failed to fetch, cached failure, POSIX: operation timed out)
    When I try to download a program form Cydia i.e. BossPrefs I get this:
    -First: "Install>confirm"
    -"Running screen"
    -Pop-up: "htttp://apt.thebigboos.org
    POSIX: Operation timed out"
    -Anohter pop-up: "POSIX: Operation timed out"

    I only have Winterboard sucessfully installed with the Telesphoreo Tangelo source (apt.saurik.com)

    On internet there are rumours of different solutions
    -Use an other wifi network
    -Delete sourcesc with OpenSSH
    But what is the real fix?

    Another wierd thing is that my friend did the same thing wit his iPod
    And he dont get any errors...

    Please help me. Thnx
    05-10-2010 02:48 PM