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    Re. iPhone 32gb 3.1.2

    I JB my iPhone as soon as I got it, about 3 months ago.

    I'm on T-Mobile, and it has been working perfectly until today.

    The iPhone froze, so I restarted it. As you'll know, If I restart, I have to JB it again, which I have done many times before.

    When I did it today, I get the message up on the laptop saying that the JB has been successful, but the iPhone goes no further than the screen with Geohot and the iPhones.

    Additional info.

    I had my iPhone synced with my PC, however a month ago, my HD died. Still trying to get the info off, as not all of it was backed up. So I haven't been able to sync it since then. Whenever I went to iTunes to update apps, it would say "Cannot connect to iTunes". My wife's iPhone which was synced to the same iTunes, does not have this iTunes problem.

    Just before it froze today, I went to Settings/Store/View account. I put my password in. It still said "Cannot connect to iTunes", however after that I had no service, even though I was in a good reception area. Just after, it froze and here we are.

    Could these events be related?

    Thanks for any help/suggestions.

    Best regards
    05-09-2010 09:40 AM