1. CrazRid's Avatar
    Well i heard theres good news for the Jailbreak, thats gonna be released on april 30th on sprint

    check the link your self: April 30th is Jailbreak Celebration Day: Untethered Jailbreak for all iDevices

    BUT i have a few questions!

    1) what does untethered jailbreak means?

    2) on april 30th is there gonna be a new version for the jb or they found a way to jb for 3.1.3?

    3) if the new version comes out when the iphone 4g: they will have another jailbreak ready?

    4) If i jailbreak my iPhone with the 3.1.3 with sprint, and when apple releases the new software i could re-jailbreak it with a newer version?
    04-29-2010 09:25 PM
  2. silkshocker#IM's Avatar
    it's a broken promise..or whatever you called it. These guys keep posting the date thenhe change it at the last minute. Whatever!!!
    04-29-2010 10:09 PM
  3. grkboy782's Avatar
    its SPIRIT! not sprint. jesus people
    04-29-2010 10:20 PM