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    I know this was mentioned in one of the other jailbreak thread but wanted to start a new thread for this.

    Apparently limera1n is the new jailbreak from geohot. I've done a little bit of reading and most people seem to think that it will be released within a few days even though there hasn't been an official release date.

    You can check out limera1n.com, which just has a lime rain drop on the page for now.
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    Don't expect a release form him anytime soon. Anyone saying that he's releasing "any day now" hasn't read his tweets:

    Twitter / George Hotz: Also, I think a lot of you ...

    Twitter / George Hotz: Not sure why I read Twitte ...

    Perhaps expect a "userland jailbreak" ( go to a website on the iPhone/iPad to jailbreak it without needing to run software on a computer ) in the "near" future by comex ( Spirit ), but that won't help with an unlock: Twitter / comex: http://www.youtube.com/wat ...
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