1. kayla-lou's Avatar
    I originaly posted this in the wrong place, and cant figure out how to delete the other thread?

    Anyway, I have the 3GS 3.13 and i checked my bootroom and its 359.3.2 unfortunatley. So i know i can only tether jb (i think?). My question is, is there anyway to downgrade the bootroom to be able to jb?

    Also unrelated, but it keeps saying i dont have access to change my avatar on here, any ideas?

    Thanks x
    04-24-2010 07:51 AM
  2. Alli's Avatar
    Your other post was actually answered. (When in doubt, just leave the original and a mod will move it - saves duplication.)

    The answers again - no, you cannot downgrade your bootrom, and you must have more posts before you can assign an avatar.
    04-24-2010 08:45 AM