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    Ok, so I've been doing the research and all that (believe it or not I actually RTFM) but I still can't find this one. How can I find the manufacture date from my about menu?
    If anyone takes up this answer, perhaps you could expand it to all the different codes in the about page that are important to JB newbies? (like me) Example, define base band and what the different codes tell users about their phones. I'm not sure I understand it well enough to post it myself. Also if this already exists in the forums, would someone please point to it?
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    Ok, I'm gonna guess from the number of views/ responses that there are a bunch of "Old Hacks" grumbling about newbies not doing the research for themselves. If this information is in these forums, then I must be using bad search terms. If y'all aren't gonna help by giving the answers, then at least help with the search terms. I'd rather do the work myself anyway.

    PS I know its poor form to reply to one's own post. I'm hoping the aforementioned "Old Hacks" will be enticed to re-read the post that they've already shunned.
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    - The manufactured date is determined by your serial number.

    - baseband is the version of the software that the cellular modem uses to connect with the carrier. The verion of the baseband determines if you can "unlock" the phone to use on any GSM carrier.

    - bootrom - this is a new term used lately with the iPhone/iPod Touch devices as Apple updated this when the newest iPod Touch was released. The bootrom is what runs when the device is booting, the OS doesn't run initially. The version of your bootrom ( which can be inferred from your serial # ) determines if you will currently have a tethered or untethered jailbreak

    Did I miss any keywords?
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