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    Hey there
    Ok, this is my problem!
    I have an iPhone 3G which was on 3.0 firmware and jailbroken via quickpwn for 3.0. I made a backup for it. Then I did the worst thing I could do and updated to 3.1.3 When my iphone restarted, it was un-jailbroken and without any contacts, notes, sms etc... I managed to jailbreak it using sn0wbreeze and ih8sn0w. It worked. Then all I had to do was to restore my old data from the backup. Problem is, when I try to restore,iTunes shows that it restores all right, but nothing changes on my phone when it restarts. It has no sms, contacts etc... I tried all of the backups in iTunes, and, when browsed them via iPhone backup extractor, it showed all my old apps and wrote that it was from firmware 3.0 . That means it's my old backups! For some reason, I tunes will not restore it, and while it shows it does, nothing changes on my phone after it restarts. I will do anything possible to recover these information,if it's still possible, as they are very valuable for me!
    Lesson learned, check the community first...
    Thanks in advance!

    Just wanted to add something, I found out that the backup has restored the recently called numbers history on the iPhone. My iphone shows the numbers of those i have called or missed in the past 2 months. If it could restore these, then why can't it restore all the other things like sms, notes, contacts etc...
    04-15-2010 06:41 AM