1. Hack-My-i's Avatar
    Hello all, Havent posted here in a while but anyways, i just wanted to say that i always been with a JB iPhone since Day 1 until my phone froze on me a few weeks ago and i was forced to upgrade to 3.1.3 via iTunes and lose my JB but i noticed that when i had my JB iPhone here at work, i would only get 1 or 2 bars at the most without 3G and since my phone isnt JB anymore, i get between 4-5 bars with 3G... i just cant beleive the difference between JB and non-JB. Its amazing!
    04-14-2010 05:09 PM
  2. ghostface147's Avatar
    It could be that your modem firmware was faulty for some reason. It may not be jailbreak specific. It could also be that ATT setup better towers too. My point is that JB may not be the issue. I've done it to my phone several times and never had reception issues.
    04-14-2010 06:26 PM
  3. isaac65's Avatar
    Don't forget that if you had your SHSH files with Saurik you can still downgrade back to 3.1.2 and then re-jailbreak. I've had to do that twice already.
    04-14-2010 06:52 PM
  4. Hack-My-i's Avatar
    What about using fuzzyband to downgrade...should that work?
    04-16-2010 02:31 PM
  5. silkshocker#IM's Avatar
    fuzzy band does not work with 3gs
    04-16-2010 04:40 PM