1. hoef45's Avatar
    I have a jailbroke 3gs that I need to do a fresh restore to 3.1.2 because it will use a full battery in 2 hours. I have the 3.1.2 factory restore file but when I move the file to itunes it save the file type as an itunes music player file rather than a apple device software update file. At first I didn't think this was an issue but when I shift click to restore to 3.1.2 itunes doesnt recognize it. Is their something that I am doing wrong, or is this even possible? Thanks for the help in advance!
    03-31-2010 09:43 PM
  2. mysterio's Avatar
    You cannot restore a 3GS to FW3.1.2. You will get an error message "this device is not eligible for this build". Since you have battery issues, I think you just need to turn off push so your issues will be resolved.
    04-01-2010 12:45 AM