1. luviphone's Avatar
    Hey everyone i hope you guys can help me becasue i have a bit of a problem,

    well first of all i jailbroke my 3.1.2 iphone 3g with blackra1n then i installed cydia and everything was fine my phone was unlocked and i was able to use my simcard,wi fi, and every other thing the iphone has to offer, but i realized something weird my iphone time to time locks back up and when i try to call or msg anybody it tells me that it has been blocked to this carrier, mind you after a couple of hours or sometimes a day it will automatically unlock again and i will be able to use it and make calls and messages. The weird thing though is that my 3g works fine i am able to use safari.youtube etc...
    Dont get me wrong im very appreciate that i am actually able to use my iphone but it just gets annoying because i have to switch from phones until my iphone decides to unlock itself again, i would really apperciate if any of you could help me solve this problem....

    When it does lockup i open rain and reinstall cydia and snow but its still locked until it actually decides to unlock itsself, any help is highly appreciated thank you for your time

    Iphone 3G 16gb capacity
    version 3.1.2(7D11)
    modem firmware - 05.11.07 (im guessing this is what is called a baseband?)

    thank you
    03-25-2010 02:06 AM
  2. LVCIFER's Avatar
    After you reinstall sn0w, do you reboot (not respring) your phone?
    03-25-2010 02:04 PM
  3. luviphone's Avatar
    how do i exactly reboot? , no i after i install snow it jus kinda refreshes the reception bars and 3g symbol dissappear for about 40 seconds then reappear but the phone is still blocked, so i reinstall cydia and when cydia is done reinstalling it resets the springboard but still after that the phone is still blocked until afterwards when the phone feels like it it ill put my simcard back into it and itll be unlocked weird huh any suggestions
    03-26-2010 06:27 AM
  4. mysterio's Avatar
    Press the Home and Power buttons for around 10 seconds or until you see the Apple logo. This is what's called a hard reboot.
    03-28-2010 07:26 PM