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    Hello all....I live in Israel but am originally from the USA. I used to work for AT&T but I got tired of hacking my iphone 2g 16gb to support hebrew etc......got tired of the cat and mouse game and hours spent in front of my computer doing restores. So I traded the iphone for a Nokia E71......then when the iphone was released here in Israel on December 10th 2009 I bought my 16GB 3gs (Now currently running official 3.1.3) with Hebrew support already on the phone....I was planning on leaving the 21st to go back and visit my family in Philadelphia so I was looking into unlocking my phone. Well I found out that i could just pay Orange (the company here I bought the phone from) 90 shekels ($24.15) and they would unlock the iphone.....the lady at the counter to whom I payed the amount seemed insistant that I would have to connect my iphone to the computer I use on a regular basis in order to get the unlock. I was wary from this as I had more experience selling and fixing iphones and the software from my experience being an at&t salesman and phone technician than this lady who just probably started training for the device.... either way they said it may take a week.... well a few phone calls and I got it 2 days later. I went home to the USA with my wifes laptop...connected my iphone to itunes on the laptop...nothing.....restarted the phone connected again....and then I got the official screen from itunes saying congratulations you iphone has been officially unlocked. So i was told that with this sanctioned unlock i could update to future firmwares and the unlock would stay...be permanant. Awesome.... Now most of the reasons I jailbroke for in the past dont exist. I have the hebrew language support...mms...copy/paste etc....unlock all now officially on the device with an intact warranty. I still would like to customize my iphone but it is something I can wait for.... Mainly I will wait for my warranty to run out. Plus hopefully if the iphone gets the springboard wallpaper customization like the ipad, that may satisfy me for a limited time for lack of themes....especially if it gets a dock like leopard/ipad has. Once my warranty is run out i definitly will just simply do with the phone what I want since it wouldnt matter then. My pressing question is however is if I were to jailbreak would I or could I lose the official unlock I got from Apple? Any help answering this is appreciated.
    03-18-2010 05:50 AM