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    ...@#$%^&*( it's a beautiful thing. How damn easy it is to jb, unlock, and I'm tethering (using Bluetooth at that! lol) right now but I still cannot get my Mail to work.

    I lost the Mail app, along with any access to my email when I deleted the MobileMe account online at meDOTcom, not on the phone! When it sync'd, it just simply disa-mother-@#$%^&-peared, and now I'm looking at restoring the iPhone and Apple will force me to update to 3.1.3?????? I CAN access part of my mail by doing a Spotlight search, but I get an error message every time, and I can never actually open an email. Never mind why or wtf, it just is what it is. I know I should've simply changed my AppleID's email address before(!) deleting the MobileMe account.

    One more thing I just noticed as I was trying to somehow get my email to work again. The Cydia app was there, but the icon had disappeared as well. Doing a spotlight search for "Cydia" immediately came up with its icon (in the search, NOT on the phone) and clicking on it, I was able to enter Cydia just as if I had had the icon available. This happened several times during the time that I was doing multiple uninstalls of JB apps, etc., and all of a sudden, the Cydia app RE-appeared! WTF is this? I think (it makes sense to me but I really do not know) that it was back because after uninstalling, etc., I ended up with a few JB apps that no longer worked because I had deleted a pre-requisite file for it, but after I re-installed the pre-req's, the Cydia icon came back.

    How can I get my email back? Maybe I can reinstall that as well???? HELP! I love this thing, and wow, it is something else as far as capabilities, speed, sheer beauty, etc., and the jailbreak always worked JUST FINE...for MONTHS! 2 months to be exact, as that is the trial period for MobileMe. Help me please! (thank God I still have a few Xanax)

    I feel Crunch'd.
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    03-04-2010 08:15 AM
  2. LVCIFER's Avatar
    Were you messing around with any apps like sbsettings, Chronos, AptBackup, Springback, Categories, or anything like that?

    Did you "hide" any apps somehow?
    03-04-2010 04:43 PM
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    Thanks for the response. Yes, I was messing around with all of the above, but I wasn't doing that until well after I had lost the Mail app. I lost the Cydia icon back, after I probably deleted one or several of the types of files you mentioned. However, it is quite resilient in that it warned me every time I was about to mess with a really important file, and I was also able to rebuild Cydia to where the icon is back.

    I did have the JB app where I could hide app icons, but I checked, re-checked and checked again, they were all set to ON, i.e. none were set to hide. Add to that the fact that I got rid of most of the JB apps, just to make to see if any one of them were possibly affecting any of the native apps, such as the Apple Mail app. I do realize, however, that that was a shot in the dark, and that it was extremely unlikely for that to be the culprit.

    I was also reading through saurik's site, and please correct me if I'm wrong, but am I able to restore to a 3.1.2 "state" without having to upgrade to 3.1.3 through his servers? I remember that I did check the famous "Make my life easier" box.

    Taking a step back from all of the details, I'm just amazed at all of these amazing things like Jailbreak and the hack for tethering, and so on and so forth are available and surprisingly easy to install and configure, I figure that there must be a way to do something as seemingly simple as doing a restore to the same OS. I don't mean to sound ignorant when I say "simple restore", but reading through saurik's site about the signature servers made me hopeful that there may be some way to "rebuild" the native apps, or just a single app such as Mail...

    Ironically, the only reason I finally got an iPhone is because Apple had "undone" some of its artificial blocks of amazing features with the 3GS, and over the years has been adding some painfully obvious "features" such as Cut/Copy/Paste with OS 3.1. That, and the Jailbreak apps that I use and some of which I paid for are the only reason that I am in love with this device now. And now I lose access to, perhaps, the most basic function of any PDA or smartphone or whatever you want to call it, and that is to receive and read my email...

    Please tell me good news. lol... :|

    P.S.: Would it make a difference if I paid you, or anyone else, to help me straighten this out? lol...I say "lol" but I actually mean it, but please do not take any offense.
    03-05-2010 01:39 AM
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    This is my first time posting so I wanted to take a moment and say hello to everyone!
    Hello yourself and welcome to the forum. There's actually a subforum where you can introduce yourself and you can find it here.

    You might also want to edit your profile and enter a signature, but you certainly don't have to.

    04-12-2010 09:56 PM
  5. LVCIFER's Avatar
    hey crunch, I can't believe that no one responded to this...

    Did you ever get your mail back?

    Also, you're running a 3G[s] I see. Is it with a tethered jailbreak or a normal one?

    Maybe I can help ya out on this one.
    04-13-2010 02:12 AM
  6. Crunch's Avatar
    hey crunch, I can't believe that no one responded to this...

    Did you ever get your mail back?

    Also, you're running a 3G[s] I see. Is it with a tethered jailbreak or a normal one?

    Maybe I can help ya out on this one.
    Hey LVCIFER, thanks for replying. That's really cool of you. And yes, I got the Mail issue sorted out a while ago, and yes, it was a tethered jailbreak.

    It's a funny story actually. When OS 3.1.3 came out, I could not resist an offer by a local here in my area who offered me $800 for my 3.1.2 iPhone 3GS (craigslist). I counter-offered $900 and we settled at $850. This was about seven weeks ago. Looking at craigslist at the time, there were TONS of ads from people who offered up their 3.1.2 iPhone's. lol...I knew I'd be able to talk AT&T to let me have another 3GS for the subsidized price, so it's all good. OS 3.2 has been jailbroken and will be available when it comes to the iPhone, no?
    04-14-2010 09:05 PM
  7. LVCIFER's Avatar
    Actually, they skipped over 3.2 and are going straight to 4.0 in June/July. And yes, the betas are already jailbroken.
    04-14-2010 09:44 PM