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    i have an i phone 3g 16 G. i wanted to jailbreak it with redsnow 0.7.2 firmware 3.0. so i did everything as i should. then when it was done my iphone did not have the pine apple and i had no C icon. so i did it another 2 times. then my husband said i should restore my iphone. so i did that and then it just didn't want to finish. it got stuck on the rebout screen (usb cable and itunes logo) so i googled my fingers off and did all i can find. try to get it into Dfc mode and all. restore with shift but nothing. i only get error message as soon as it confirms the firmware. error 1015 please help me
    03-03-2010 09:50 AM
  2. Iphonhelp's Avatar
    Please help urgently, if i only restore i get an 9006 error.
    03-03-2010 10:01 AM
  3. flyingember's Avatar
    since you started a restore, at this point you're stuck going into DFU mode, restoring 3.1.3 and being non-jailbroken.
    03-03-2010 10:49 AM
  4. LVCIFER's Avatar

    Try the steps listed below, but make sure that you have downloaded the latest version of iTunes before attempting to do this.

    Put the iPhone into DFU mode so you can do an iTunes firmware restore follow these steps:

    Step One
    Open iTunes and connect the iPhone to your Mac or PC.

    Step Two
    Press and hold the Home button and the Sleep/Wake button at the same time.

    Step Three
    After exactly 10 seconds, release the Sleep/Wake button. Continue holding the home button until iTunes pops up with a message telling you that it has detected an iPhone in recovery mode.

    The iPhone screen will remain black.

    NOTE***: It may take a few attempts to get your iPhone into DFU mode. Generally, I hold down both buttons then release the Home button just before I think the Apple logo would appear. If you are still holding both buttons down and you see the Apple logo you are holding them down for too long!

    Step Four
    Download from iTunes and install the latest firmware (3.1.3 CANNOT BE JAILBROKEN OR UNLOCKED) and install it. Then, when it's done, simply either restore it from a previously created backup, or set it up as a new iPhone and re-sync all of your stuff back onto it.
    03-03-2010 12:59 PM
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    Hi thanks so much for the reply and help. i have done this but it starts going thru all the steps and then at about 1 mb it stops giving me an error 9006. then my phone is dead dru mode or i can put it in restore mode (cable with itune logo) even in restore mode it starts but wont finish just gives me a different error ???? i don't even know what is left to do ?
    03-03-2010 11:16 PM
  6. flyingember's Avatar
    It's time to call Apple
    03-04-2010 06:58 AM