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    Hi Guys,

    I have a problem by jailbreaking my 3gs, I tried everything that I know off.

    By start I have a 32 GB Iphone 3GS with firmware 3.0 and baseband 04.26.08 and I use Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit

    What I tried so far was:

    -Redsnow 0.92, but the problem is I cannot update to 3.1.2 no more because Apple don't sign this update anymore, so I stuck with updating.

    -Custom firmware, somebody recommended to use Custom firmware, by putting my Iphone in DFU mode and just update with a Custom firmware.
    When I try this I get a 1600 error code. I also tried it with recovery mode and normal recovery mode all I get is a 1600 or 1604 error code.

    And I cannot use Blackra1n as well because it won't work with 3.0 and since I cannot update to 3.1.2, Blackra1n is also a no.

    Is there any other way maybe that you guys can help me with so I can jailbreak my Iphone?

    03-01-2010 07:21 AM