1. adensmore's Avatar
    Iphone 3G
    3.0 firmware
    04.26.08 baseband
    AT&T (not unlocked)

    I have a huge, annoying delay everytime I go from anywhere into the texting area ("messages"). I shot a video to make the point - it was rebooted 5 mins before this video, and all I did on the phone after rebooting was practice shooting the video a few times - the delay was over 10 SECONDS just to see the inbox after choosing "messages" (texts) from the springboard.

    here's the video (quicktime .mov):
    ugh well it won't let me publish a link since i'm a new member,
    which sort of sucks since I think it helps communicate the problem,
    but you could manually enter the URL if you want,
    centerforward (dot) (com) (forward slash) iphone_open_texting_lag.mov

    I opened some other things first to get a general idea of the speed of the phone,
    - (oops opened mail by mistake and went back to home)
    - safari opens almost immediately
    - maps opens okay, lagged but could be worse i guess
    - safari opens fast again
    - phone opens fast
    - text opens after like 11 seconds

    It's not always 11 seconds, but at the fastest it's like 3-5 seconds. Every time I need to reply to any random text it's this huge delay while I wait for it to open (and it's starting to drive me crazy, makes replying to texts miserable).

    I was going to upgrade firmware from 3.0 to 3.1.2 and re jailbreak (I like cycorder, ssh, and being able to tether) to speed up the phone but mostly saw advice NOT to, since not much new in 3.1.2 and 3.1.3 is just AT&T closing exploits. But if there's a way to do it and it would help I would (pwnage to preserve the baseband? should I do it?).

    Is texting ever this lagged on a non-jailbroken 3G? (I've also noticed that 3GS is just generally faster so trying to see how good I can get it while I wait for my upgrade, which is around when 4G might be out)

    Some other notes -

    - The entire phone was pretty lagged (switching between anything) until I uninstalled WinterBoard yesterday - and that made a HUGE difference -- sped almost everything up by a TON, i read to do this after I couldn't/didn't upgrade firmware.

    (but texting is still lagged)

    - I uninstalled irealSMS2.0 but that didn't help

    - I still have mobilesubstrate and 5icondock, would it help to clean out more? I already miss tap-to-unlock so much i hate that sliding unlock crap

    - If it makes any difference, I have two friends whose texts never come in right. I can see a preview, but if I click to view the whole thing it disappears, and in our conversation it's only my side of the thread never their's, sometimes texting ("messages") always opens to his broken/messed up half-thread every time, so there's that glitch going on too. And it's only those two people, and always those two people - almost never works right trying to text them.

    If anyone has seen this or has any advice large or small i REALLY appreciate it!!!

    Thanks in advance,
    02-25-2010 03:52 PM
  2. jennychana's Avatar
    I have the same problem ... looking for solution ... please
    02-25-2010 10:07 PM
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    You guys have any themes installed that give you "splash screens" when opening certain applications?and do you use sbsettings to monitor your processes and free memory when you open up the Messages app? All of that info could help.

    Unfortunately, if you have Winterboard installed and being used on a standard 3G, because the 3G has less RAM memory than the 3G[s], Winterboard is a system / resource HOG. It will literally run you down to ZERO free memory.

    So if you can, try my above method to at least monitor your free memory, as that might be the problem. Then, disable anything you may have turned on in Winterboard, and try to see f your phone responds faster. That may be the issue.
    02-25-2010 10:52 PM
  4. adensmore's Avatar
    thanks LVCIFER,

    well I already removed winterboard before I made the post, and it DID speed everything on the phone up except opening texting/messages...

    (so this problem is happening without winterboard installed)

    i still have 5 icons dock, does that mean i still have some sort of theme component still loaded and running? it's confusing what the scope of these packages is and what they're called..

    i have free memory always showing in the top next to the battery, so i can tell you about that but don't know how to look at the open processes while something opens?

    on a fresh reboot: 39-40MB
    open texting/messages: 31-35MB
    back home: 39MB
    open texting/messages: 31-35MB
    back home: 39MB
    open maps, find location, home, open phone, home, etc.: 24MB
    open texting/messages: 18-19MB
    back home: 24MB
    open texting/messages: 20MB, then 19MB, then 20MB
    back home: 25MB

    pretty awesome that less than 3mins after a freshreboot the default starting point is 25MB instead of 40 ... !

    I don't know if that's very helpful,,, ?
    02-28-2010 10:05 PM