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    I have iLocalis app for locating jailbroken iPhones on my son's iPhone but his Mom says she cannot view the URL I created in his >iLocalis >Settings >Share maps setting's, to share his location with other's. I sent her the link in SMS text MSG by copy & pasting, I emailed her the link from iLocalis share maps by email after I created it also. Can Blackberry user's view the same types of sites as us iPhone users? Like the iLocalis apps "share maps" URL's I created? I sent her the link every possible way & I know the URL works because I saved it on my PC desktop & my iPhones homescreen. I view it frequently to quickly check in on his location! Is it her not knowing what she's doing? Or is it the Blackberry? If it is the Blackberry, what's her problem? Can she change settings in her phone or install something in her phone do view this type of website? I know nothing about Blackberrys, I will check on the Internet also, but since I like this forum alot I thought I would start here. Although since the problem is happening with her Blackberry, I still trust the info I receive here most! So any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, in advance.
    02-25-2010 02:23 PM