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    First of all, I'm new to the forums, so I just wanted to say hi. Next I have a question.

    I have an iphone 3g on 3.0 firmware that has been jailbroken and unlocked and is currently using T-Mobile as the carrier. I wanted to give this phone to my younger brother in law, since I'm going to be upgrading to the 3gs. However I want to have the 3g still jailbroken and unlocked but all of my personal information taken off.

    Am I right in thinking that I can backup my settings on the 3g and then restore it, and just rejailbreak and unlock it again? Or would it make me update the firmware to 3.1.3 which has a problem with unlocking right now. Also if I saved my backup settings on iTunes then can I use those when I get the new 3gs model and just transfer them over? Then I would just have to jailbreak the 3gs because I don't want it unlocked at this time.

    Thanks for the help guys.
    02-25-2010 11:21 AM
  2. LVCIFER's Avatar
    Yes, you can backup your current iPhone and settings, and then use them for your 3G[s] once you get it. That's exactly what I did.

    However, if you restore and erase everything, it will force you to upgrade to 3.1.3. UNLESS you use PwnageTool for the Mac. If you use that, being that you have a 3G and not a 3G[s], PwnageTool will updte you to 3.1.3, AND keep your old baseband, so you would use the same application to stay unlocked. (either blacksn0w or ultrasn0w) and it SHOULD work fine.

    I'd recommend going to the dev teams blog and reading about your iPhones ability to be jailbroken/unlocked/updated through PwnageTool. But it's looking good for the phone you intend on giving away.
    02-25-2010 05:57 PM
  3. wdowell84's Avatar
    Thanks very much for the help, I was able to get it restored using saurik's method, and everything works great. Now I just need to jailbreak the 3gs which shouldn't be a problem. Thanks again!
    02-25-2010 07:35 PM
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    Thanks so much for the information, it is helpful
    02-25-2010 10:06 PM
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    I'm glad that it's helping. At least I feel like I'm doing SOMETHING good and selfless. *chuckle*
    02-25-2010 10:47 PM