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    So I am considering jail breaking my iphone. The main reason that I want to do this is for internet tethering. I have read on many websites that say AT&T might know you are doing this and charge you an obscene amount of money for it. I was wondering if anyone has been charged for this or if anyone has been successfully using the tethering option for quite some time for free. Your thoughts?
    02-24-2010 05:48 PM
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    To my knowledge, no one on this site has experienced the charges you have spoken of, however, a lot of us are very aware of how muchdata we consume. The "unofficial" monthly tethering limit is about 4.5GB. I would not risk going above that. At that level, you can simply claim that you watch a lot of YouTube or stream video over 3G somehow. If it goes much higher, there's really no valid reason for such high usage.

    Ultimately, it's truly up to you. We can't make up your mind for you, but it's always a good idea to approach these things with an aire of caution until your comfortable.
    02-24-2010 06:08 PM
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    Thanks for the response. This does make me feel much better. Do you have a particular way to jailbreak it that you recommend? I have the 3.1.2 software on my phone. It is a 3G S that I bought about 2 months ago.
    02-25-2010 09:24 AM
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    so the rule of thumb is 4.5gb a month...
    02-25-2010 01:48 PM
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    The "unofficial" rule of thumb. You can actually use whatever you'd like, but if you use too much, AT&T WILL catch on. Wether or not they decide to charge you is up to them. I always prefer to fly under the radar...

    As far as you, OP, if you're still on 3.1.2, you can go to blackra1n.com and use the blackra1n program to jailbreak, BUT BE AWARE that you will most likely have a tethered jailbreak. Here's a copy and paste of what that is:


    Don't download any firmwares from any sites. There's no need to even use PwnageTool right now either. Connect your 3G[s] to iTunes. (Hopefully, you're running the newest version of iTunes) When it asks you if you want to update your iPhone, SAY YES. This will erase any an all jailbreak and unlocks previously there. DON'T PANIC.

    Download and install the official firmware, 3.1.2 from iTunes.

    Go to blackra1n.com and download blackra1n.

    Now, after you restore from iTunes, when everything is about 98% done, it will ask you to insert the SIM card that came with your phone from AT&T. If you have AT&T, great. If you don't, a/k/a T-Mobile, INSERT THAT SIM CARD, and then follow these instructions.

    Open up blackra1n on your PC, and then click "Make it rain" and jailbreak your phone. This will also 'hacktivate' your phone with your alternate SIM card. (Note: follow directions at the end of this post to fix Push Notifications, YouTube and Wi•Fi for hacktivated iPhones)

    YOU MAY NEED TO ATTEMPT THIS MULTIPLE TIMES FOR IT TO WORK CORRECTLY. Sometimes there are minor errors. Let it do it's thing. It is okay and even somewhat expected.

    Once blackra1n.app is installed to your springboard (a/k/a iPhone home screen), choose to install "sn0w"( a/k/a blacksn0w) from your iPhone. Once again, make sure it that you connect to Wi•Fi first. It will be the only way you can install Cydia/Rock if you're not on AT&T.

    1) Open up the "blackra1n.app" on your iPhone.
    2) Tap on "sn0w" until a green check mark appears next to it.
    3) Tap "install".
    4) Watch for the splash screen telling you that it was successful.
    5) Turn your iPhone off.
    6) Insert your SIM card.
    7) Turn the iPhone back on.

    After installing sn0w, install Cydia.

    1) Open up the "blackra1n.app" on your iPhone.
    2) Tap on "Cydia" until a green check mark appears next to it.
    3) Tap "install".

    Cydia will ask you questions, and to update. Select "Graphical User", and "Update All". Let it restart and reboot. Once it does it's thing...

    If you have data or MMS problems with ANY carrier, you may want to google or wikipedia "iPhone APN Settings" to find a way to fix those issues. However, if the plan for the cell carrier SIM card you've inserted does not include data, then your Internet/e-Mail/maps/gps etc won't work. You will have to add data/MMS to that SIM cards plan for them to officially work.

    Voilà. You're updated, jailbroken, and unlocked on the newest OS.

    For some, the new blackra1n HACKTIVATED jailbreak was causing problems with Wi-Fi, YouTube, and Push Notifications. Here is a quick guide on how to fix these problems.

    1. Go to Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings, then click "OK"
    2. Reboot your iPhone, when it comes back on Wi•Fi should be fixed, but next time you reboot you have to do this again.

    YouTube and Push Notifications for "hacktivated" iPhones.

    1. Go to Cydia
    2. Tap Manage at the bottom
    3. Tap Sources
    4. Tap edit in the right hand corner
    5. Tap add.
    6. Type cydia.iphoneil.net
    7. Tap done
    8. Search for "PushFix" and tap on the first result
    9. Install then confirm
    10. Reboot your iPhone.
    02-25-2010 05:44 PM
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    Thanks for the response. This does make me feel much better. Do you have a particular way to jailbreak it that you recommend? I have the 3.1.2 software on my phone. It is a 3G S that I bought about 2 months ago.

    I jailbroke my Iphone 3G (same software as urs, 3.1.2) using Blackra1n about two months ago, and overall have been very pleased. Site is blackra1n (dot) com.

    It seems to be the simplest and most reliable current jailbreak for 3.1.2, from all I've read & heard. Took me a total of (I think) 10-15 or so minutes. The instructions are very clear (and u could have them in a separate window while ur working or print them out in advance if ur nervous), and there are numerous videos on Youtube that walk U thru it step by step as well...

    I chose Cydia as my main portal/file installer. Seems to have the most fun, relevant and free apps/themes/ringtones. The other one (Rockice or somesuch?) is popular also, but more of their apps require $$. To me, the whole point of jailbreaking was to get as many free, truly usable apps as I want, vs. the Apple App store.

    Just keep in mind a few things with Jailbreaking:
    1) do NOT install the 3.1.3 software in Itunes, no matter how many times it prompts U - it will prevent U from jailbreaking or ruin any jailbreak U do. There are ways to reload 3.1.2 and re-jailbreak, but it's a bit complicated and a time-consuming hassle, so why go there ??
    FYI, the jailbreak gods (Saurik/Jay Freeman, etc) have already advised that they aren't planning to develop a 3.1.3 jailbreak anytime soon, if at all, what with 4th-gen Iphone (and 4.0 software) likely just a few months away...

    2) it WILL slow down ur Iphone's performance, including web-browsing (even on WiFi !). If all u REALLY want is to tether, there is a way to do this *without* jailbreaking. Run a Google and/or Youtube search on "how to tether Iphone 3.1.2 without jailbreaking"

    3) honestly, while many of the jailbreak Apps are great, you'll need some time/patience to search for/install all the ones U want. You can only download one App at a time in Cydia (unless someone knows a better way??), and most require the Iphone to be rebooted to take effect. Also, the process draws a *huge* amount of power from the phone, so better to search/install/reboot with Iphone plugged into USB or AC, or at least have a backup external battery or car charger handy if ur doing it on-the-go.

    Hope this helps, and good luck with whichever decision you make...
    02-25-2010 06:20 PM
  7. rhino21082's Avatar
    I looked at a couple of the sites that show you how to tether without jail breaking your phone, and most of the reviews say that it does not work and it is nothing but an advertisement. Does anyone know of a way that actually does work?
    02-25-2010 08:41 PM
  8. LVCIFER's Avatar
    Yes, jailbreak and download an app called "MyWi" from either Cydia or the Rock store.
    02-25-2010 09:53 PM
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    I'm still pretty new with my 1st iPhone 3gs 3.1.2 and it has been JB.

    Trying to get a clear picture/example what you can do having MyWifi and tethering. The closest I've come to an explantion is this, but it doesn't help.

    "Tethering, the process of using an Internet-enabled mobile device, such as a cellphone, to provide access to a laptop or other computer..."

    Okay, I have a 2 laptops (PC), I have a wireless router already setup in my home. I've installed MyWifi and it is "broadcasting." Now what? Oh, what does the "Down: kb" refer to?

    ~ Much Thanks ~
    03-09-2010 08:06 PM
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    In my case I bring my laptop with me when I travel. If I'm out on the highway, or at a hotel that charges for internet, that is when I use MyWi.

    If you're at home and you have a wireless network, running MyWi in that environment is not necessary. The whole purpose of MyWi is to provide internet access to devices such as your laptop when the only service available is via 3G and AT&T. You'd then tether your laptop to your iPhone to have that access available to the laptop.
    03-09-2010 10:17 PM
  11. LVCIFER's Avatar
    Diff, once MyWi is broadcasting, you've literally created a mobile Wi•Fi zone. Use your laptops, and connect to whatever you named the new 'network' in "MyWi".

    The Up/Down kb monitors how much data you've used/shared so you have an idea.
    03-09-2010 11:06 PM