1. Llako202's Avatar
    I just had my friend unlock and jailbreak my iphone last nite for my tmobile service. everything is working but my internet....when i go to safari it tells me that i need a data plan to continue to use the internet...now for my tmobile account i already have unlimited internet usage for my regular TAP phone so would i need to get a data plan for this? When i called tmobile they were asking me what kind of phone i had so they could put me under the right data plan...obviously im not going to tell them the iphone...can someone please give me some insight to this????
    02-24-2010 03:46 PM
  2. flyingember's Avatar
    Off the top of my head the problem is it's still looking for a network using AT&T data settings. you have to modify the phone to tell it how to connect to tmobile's data network
    02-24-2010 04:02 PM
  3. Llako202's Avatar
    im so non savy when it comes this stuff...could i give u my email and shoot me the instructions on how i would do this???
    02-24-2010 04:11 PM
  4. LVCIFER's Avatar
    Of course you can tell T-Mobile that you're using an iPhone! They actually have an iPhone tech support division at T-Mobile.

    You're not doing anything wrong, man. You don't need to be paranoid about using your iPhone on other carriers. Millions of people do it.
    02-24-2010 04:57 PM