1. BlackShadow's Avatar
    Hi, iphoners!

    I bought my iphone 3GS just 2 days ago. It's my first I-product so I knew nothing about it. I heared from some people that it's possible to jailbreak etc. the iphone. So i tried and this is what happened:

    I went for blackra1n and did everything like it should. I got the ra1n icon in my iphone, clicked it to start installing the program. it was busy for about 2 min and i thought something went wrong, so i swiched the phone off and switched it on again (I know, BIG mistake, but i knew nothing about it =C)...

    The phone went crazy and i couldn't do anything (i pressed home-button, turn-off, a tick to screen...) so i decided to reset to 0 via Itunes.

    After I got my phone back to life, I was "walking around" in Itunes and discovered the Update-botton (I wish I didn't). "OH, Update, cool. Can't do anything wrong"- I thought. So I pushed it... (Oh God, I wish I didn't, now I know what I did...)

    Now I'm on 3.1.3 AND I have MC model... I searched for solution to jailbrake the phone again but it seems that the new jailbrake method is not out yet and ppl with mine situation must be patient and wait...

    I do have fun with free apps but I'm really watching forward to jailbreak my phone. Approximately, how long do I have to wait ?

    If someone of you guys has any idea or anything else that has to do with my problem, I would be glad to read it and stay "up to date". Big thanks for reply's!

    (I'm sorry for my English)
    02-19-2010 08:49 PM
  2. JohnH59's Avatar
    Sorry, doubt there will be a jb for 3.1.3.
    02-19-2010 10:15 PM
  3. Keeame's Avatar
    Sorry, doubt there will be a jb for 3.1.3.
    There are Jailbrakes for 3.1.3 already.

    BUT, not for MC Models.

    I just got my iPod Touch and it is a MC model. So ill have to wait too.

    Sooner or later someone will come out with a jailbrake for 3.1.3 MC Models.

    Different Firmware and bootrom, someone will crack it some time.
    02-20-2010 09:51 PM