1. LuisT#IM's Avatar

    I bought my first iPhone Generation (through ebay) around December. I jailbroke it with the software iRain (I think), and unlocked it to use on T-Mobile. Since then, I've always had issues with Push Notifications.. I've actually never received any. Then, I read a few articles and said I had to download this thing from Cydia that would fix YouTube + Push Notifications, and it still didn't resolve the issue.

    My question is if I should restore it, and jailbreak it again and see if Push Notifications work again? Or find another way to fix it?

    Second question is that ever since I believe February, I've been getting the little circle instead of the Edge signal (GPRS). It's been terrible and I was wondering if there is anyway to just keep on at edge? GPRS is way to slow, and is making me consider I want to move back to a BlackBerry. By the way, I'm currently on T-Mobile.

    02-17-2010 01:14 PM
  2. flyingember's Avatar
    push is broken on jailbroken phones. pushfix doesn't always fix the issue. you will likely need to go back to a stock load and move to AT&T to get push to work.

    there is no way to force your connection type and even if you could it's possible there's nothing better in your area. I'd say you have poor signal with tmobile where you're at.

    neither is the fault of the phone, just the way you have it setup and possibly the network for the second item
    02-17-2010 02:38 PM