1. masg11's Avatar
    I just got my discount pricing from AT&T and want to go from my 3g to 3gs. If I walk into a store and buy one, can I jailbreak it? Do they upgrade the firmware on their stock or flash them when the customers get them?

    The store agreed to let me look at the phone before purchase, what should I look for? I have a friend there. What firmware is 100% breakable?

    I have no interest in iphone 4.0.

    02-15-2010 02:52 PM
  2. big9erfan's Avatar
    You can't jailbreak or unlock atm since Apple updated the bootrom. It's really hard to find a brand new 3gs that has the old bootrom.
    Bad information is bad.

    The Bootrom is what causes the new 3GS to be a tethered jailbreak.

    The new 3GS with 3.1.3 is not unlockable or jailbreakable at this point in time. There is no native 3.1.3 jailbreak and I don't expect those that create the jailbreaks to work too hard on something with the iPad an 3.2 or 4.0 not too far off. You'll probably have to wait till March or June for a new jailbreak solution.

    If you find a 3GS ( with the new or old bootrom ) with 3.1.2 on it, not 3.1.3, it IS jailbreakable, but you will likely have a tethered jailbreak (this is b/c of the new bootrom). Meaning you will have to re-run blackra1n every time you restart the phone. An inconvenience, but if you want a jailbreak it's what you have to do.
    02-15-2010 03:06 PM