1. BothEyesShut's Avatar
    Hi Everyone,

    I backed up my iPhone 3G on my WinXP PC approx 3 days ago, because I was worried that my Categories app might crash things somehow.

    Then my Categories app crashed things somehow. I updated a bunch of apps, and since then Iím not able to see the contents of any of those folders. I tried everything to fix/delete/manipulate Categories, but it's permafux'd.

    It looks like Iím going to have to restore, but I donít know whether I ought to upgrade and Blackra1n again, or if I can restore without upgrading from 3.1.2, or what. Iím a little confused, and I feel like I could do something terribly unnecessary if I donít ask someone ó so here I am. I just want my stupid phone to do what it was doing for so long so well.

    Thanks in advance for any help/advice.

    02-05-2010 02:10 PM
  2. big9erfan's Avatar
    Blackra1n doesn't work on 3.1.3, so if you upgrade you're stuck without a jailbreak.
    02-05-2010 02:28 PM
  3. only1jonarius's Avatar
    That wasnt the question. Im in the same spot. Can you change restore your phone running 3.1.2 bck to 3.1.2 w/o updating through iTunes....
    02-07-2010 12:14 PM
  4. LVCIFER's Avatar
    No. Especially since iTunes stopped signing any and all 3.1.2 firmwares. I don't know of any other way....
    02-07-2010 12:32 PM
  5. fcooper1's Avatar
    i do
    look up 'route itunes through saurik's server'
    first result in google
    read it
    all of it
    02-09-2010 02:44 PM