1. adoul90's Avatar
    Hello guyz,
    My friend has an iphone 2g which was unlocked and jailbroken. He accidentally pressed the reset button in the settings so now it isn't starting up. He gave it to me to try to fix it for him but i can't figure out the problem.
    When you turn it on it gives the apple sign and gets stuck there then after a while reboots. It never starts.
    Any ideas?
    02-03-2010 07:13 PM
  2. GDong#IM's Avatar
    Keep the Power Button and Home Button depressed for 15 seconds until you see the Apple Logo.

    If the Apple still does not come up, then connect your iPhone to Wall Charger, let it be attached for 30 minutes. Now press Home & Power for 15 seconds, you should see Apple, do not release keep it depressed, then you will see Connect to iTunes. Now release and Connect to your PC/Mac to restore with iTunes.

    If nothing helps go to Cupertino iPhone Repair and call them @ 408-490-1446, see if they might be able to help you. I have used their service in the past.
    02-06-2010 02:26 PM