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    Just as a reminder, I’m getting my 1st ever 3GS iphone this week and I want to jailbreak it. However…

    I’ve read through the instructions, using BlackRa1n, to jailbreak a 3gs, Windows PC 9XP) & I’m left with a few questions.

    <> Make sure it isn’t syncing w/ITunes.

    How will I know if it is syncing and what do I do if it is? Does iTune automatically startup when you plug the iPhone into the computer? And, is there a selection button to choose “Sync?”

    <> Once “Make it rain” has completed you let the iPhone sync w/iTunes.

    How is this done?

    <> Next, I find BlackRa1n app on my iPhone and run it. Then , I presented a new window and choose an installer.

    There’s more than one & I should choose Cydia, right?

    <> “Sn0w will unlock your phone so you can use it on other carries.”

    What is Sn0w and do I want this?

    “Once you install SBsettings, for example, your phone will require a Reboot.”

    <> How is a reboot performed?

    From the reboot, run Blackra1n again & this will put itself in DFU mode.
    Once you run BlackRa1n again, it will take the phone out of DFU mode.

    Is this correct?

    <> Tethering is only necessary if I turn the iphone off, right? Still need to look at those steps.

    Can a untethered 3gs jailbreak solution be far away (-;

    02-01-2010 07:18 PM