1. DBlanco's Avatar
    I've been debating on Jb my iPhone 3Gs so I've been reading around and noticing a hell of a lot of problems with people jailbreaking their phone. I don't even think its worth it now. There's also a lot of reasons to jb but I really don't wanna f up my phone. What do u guys think???
    02-01-2010 05:33 PM
  2. BLiNK's Avatar
    usually the people who have the "problems" more than likely should have never started to begin with.
    if you have any computer smarts at all, then you're safe.
    but I've got to say with a defeatist attitude it will get you nowhere.
    keep in mind you cannot F up your phone.
    worst case you'll just go back to the boring vanilla iPhone you have right now.
    my suggestion would be search and find your answers within this forum.
    there are a lot of good/helpful people here. i have learned a lot from here and google.
    02-01-2010 07:25 PM
  3. Earless Puppy's Avatar
    The plus's are worth it, until you have a issue and you have no more iPhone, with 4.0 on the horizon I would wait and see what Apple has instore for you to combat Android it is only a few months
    02-01-2010 07:57 PM
  4. DBlanco's Avatar
    I mean I just read that this one guy's phone isn't even turning on at all right now. Def not trying to be that guy. I am pretty computer savvy.
    02-02-2010 01:16 AM
  5. DBlanco's Avatar
    There's also another thread about the guy's push notifications not working. I mean push on the iPhone is terrible as it is right now though but still, I want full functionality
    02-02-2010 01:18 AM
  6. mgregg99's Avatar
    I haven't had any issues with my JB. Push notifications, wifi, etc., are all working. Can't imagine ever going back to factory settings. Just do it and if you decide it's too much stress for you go back to the boring default settings.
    02-02-2010 01:53 AM
  7. chippy19977's Avatar
    Well I jailbroke my 3GS for the first time a few days ago and I loved it until my battery drained faster than it ever had before (same usage and I only installed a theme, backgrounder and proswitcher). It wouldn't work with Microsoft SYNC either after I jailbroke. I also didn't like the idea of having to keep my laptop handy wherever I go in case of unintentional power down since the 3GS only does a tethered jailbreak. It would suck to be away somewhere and not be able to use my phone if it got shut off for some reason. So I chose to restore it using a backup through iTunes. I'm hoping that 4.0 will come out soon and that it will offer some of the benefits of what jailbreaking does now.
    02-02-2010 05:28 AM
  8. pilotnh's Avatar
    I had my iPhone for 6 months before I did the jailbreak with blackra1n. I did it mostly for multitasking with backgrounder and proswitcher but am also tethering with MyWi. I'm probably going to avoid "cosmetic" stuff like themes since they are most likely to cause performance and battery issues. So far, I'm very happy with what I've done and haven't noticed any ill effects.

    My advice. Make sure you do a backup on iTunes, and then go for it.
    02-02-2010 07:40 AM