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    I just recently purchased a iPhone 3gs with 3.1.2 firmware. I went to jailbreak it right away with "blackrain" and it did complete succesful but then when I neededto restart it, the plug into iTunes icon came up and in itunes it said its in recovery mode, andI needed to restore.

    While looking up info on this online... I seen that you need to hit "make in rain" everytime to make it work... Is this true? Any help I would appreciate it greatly!!! thanks
    02-01-2010 05:30 PM
  2. LVCIFER's Avatar

    Do a search for "tethered jailbreak"!

    If this is a new 3G[s], then it can still be jailbroken or unlocked, but you just can't ever let the battery die, or reboot the iPhone when the iPhone is not near a computer.


    The phone is new. Apple updated the hardware on newer models. Ultimately, when you get the "Connect to iTunes" message, DO NOT RESTORE.

    Connect the iPhone to the computer, spend 30 seconds, run Blackra1n RC3/4, RE-jailbreak, and that's it.

    It takes less than a minute.

    ALSO, being that this is a new iPhone 3G[s], that requires a tethered jailbreak, I also suggest getting a battery case.

    A good one is "Case-Mate Fuel" (google it) but it's ugly as sin. It will however, act as a case AND a charger. Or you could go to BestBuy an pick up a "InCase PowerSlider" case.

    That, and a car charger. That way the iPhone never goes off. If you have a laptop, that's ideal/superb.

    Let me know how that goes.
    02-01-2010 05:33 PM
  3. antisosa1's Avatar
    Thanks for the info

    Does it look like this will ever get fixed for the future where I wont have to always have the phone charged? Seems like it could cause a problem in the future if I'm not around a computer and my battery dies.
    02-01-2010 05:39 PM
  4. lungho's Avatar
    I read a thread quite a while ago that said Geohot was waiting for the next update to fix the tethered jailbreak issue. Can anybody else confirm that?
    02-01-2010 05:49 PM