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    I try to unlock iphone 2g with 3.1.2 run blackra1n but after flash “BootNeuter” iphone reboot it's just stuck with emegency call. I try to restore so many times , even do DFU mode , use blackra1n but it's still stuck. any body can help me please!!!
    01-29-2010 09:02 AM
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    blackra1n isn't for the 2g model.
    01-29-2010 09:41 AM
  3. spsands's Avatar
    according to LVcifer,

    "That is absolutely incorrect information. Blacksn0w will NOT work to unlock the 2G. Here is the correct information.


    Don't download any firmwares from any sites. There's no need to even use PwnageTool right now either. Connect your 2G to iTunes. (Hopefully, you're running the newest version of iTunes) When it asks you if you want to update your iPhone, SAY YES. This will erase any an all jailbreak and unlocks previously there. DON'T PANIC.

    Download and install the official firmware, 3.1.2 from iTunes.

    Go to and download blackra1n.

    Now, after you restore from iTunes, when everything s about 98% done, it will ask you to insert the SIM card that came with your phone from AT&T. If you have AT&T, great. If you don't, a/k/a T-Mobile, INSERT THAT SIM CARD, and then follow these instructions.

    Open up blackra1n, and then click "Make it rain" and jailbreak your phone. This will also 'hacktivate' your phone with your alternate SIM card. (Note: follow directions at the end of this post to fix Push Notifications, YouTube and Wi•Fi for hacktivated iPhones)

    YOU MAY NEED TO ATTEMPT THIS MULTIPLE TIMES FOR IT TO WORK CORRECTLY. Sometimes there are minor errors. Let it do it's thing.

    Once is installed, choose to install Cydia from the on your springboard (iPhone homescreen). Once again, make sure it that you connect to Wi•Fi first. It will be the only way you can install Cydia/Rock if you're not on AT&T.

    After installing it, Cydia will ask you questions, and to update. Select "Graphical User", and "Update All". Let it restart and reboot. Once it does it's thing...

    In Cydia, search for the app “BootNeuter” and install the app. Open BootNeuter and make sure the settings match are exactly as follows:

    Version: 4.6
    Neuter: On
    Faceblank: Off
    Baseband: Unlock

    Then tap "Flash" in the upper right corner to unlock.

    Reboot your iPhone. Insert SIM card of your choice. Reboot your iPhone.

    If you have data or MMS problems (you can install "Native MMS 2G" from Cydia), you may want to google or wikipedia "iPhone APN Settings" to find a way to fix those issues. However, if the plan for the SIM card you've inserted does not include data, then your Internet/e-Mail/maps/gps etc won't work. You will have to add data/MMS to that SIM cards plan for them to officially work.

    Voilŕ. You're updated, jailbroken, and unlocked on the newest OS.

    For some, the new blackra1n jailbreak was causing problems with Wi-Fi, YouTube, and Push Notifications. Here is a quick guide on how to fix these problems.

    1. Go to Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings, then click "OK"
    2. Reboot your iPhone, when it comes back on Wi•Fi should be fixed, but next time you reboot you have to do this again.

    YouTube and Push Notifications for "hacktivated" iPhones.

    1. Go to Cydia
    2. Tap Manage at the bottom
    3. Tap Sources
    4. Tap edit in the right hand corner
    5. Tap add.
    6. Type "" without the quotation marks.
    7. Tap done
    8. Search for "PushFix" and tap on the first result
    9. Install then confirm
    10. Reboot your iPhone."

    but I am also getting stuck on the emergency call screen...
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    01-29-2010 10:10 AM
  4. LVCIFER's Avatar
    Blackra1n if to jailbreak ALL models. BlackSN0W will not work on the 2G.

    As far as putting it into DFU mode, what exactly did you do?
    01-29-2010 12:30 PM
  5. spsands's Avatar
    see this thread here...

    its all the same problems, basically, ended up putting into recovery with the Tmobile Sim in it, got things semi-working...
    01-29-2010 01:46 PM