1. Mikerotch0's Avatar
    Hey guys I've tried to jailbreak my 3G iPhone this past day and I've hit a wall: everytime the phone tries to go into the recovery mode, instead of seeing Geohot's photo, I still see the "connect to iTunes" logo and then the phone doesn't reboot. I've tried EVERYTHING.
    - Using a different cable
    - Uninstalling iTunes
    - Reinatalling iTunes
    - Running as administrator
    - Restarting the PC after downloading blackra1n
    - Holding down the home and power buttons while the phone is going into recovery mode, and then releasing the power button

    Nothing seems to work for me. If you guys need more info, ask and I'll post. I'd really like to jailbreak this phone and any help you guys give me would be greatly appreciated.

    01-26-2010 11:31 AM
  2. big9erfan's Avatar
    - Try putting the iPhone into Airplane mode
    - What OS are you using?
    01-26-2010 11:40 AM
  3. riyadh144's Avatar
    just restore your iphone to the latest firmware
    and then use the blackra
    if you need to unlock it you can do that using your blackra app
    and that is it
    restoring your iphone is done by putting your iphone in the dfu mode
    and restore your iphone
    any other information contact me
    01-26-2010 01:54 PM
  4. th3pr0's Avatar
    wad if i cant restore the phone.. it get stuck at "verifying iphone restore with apple."
    01-26-2010 02:06 PM
  5. Mikerotch0's Avatar
    - Ive tried airplane mode to no avail
    - Im using Windows XP SP3

    Can I back up my iPhone and THEN restore it? So when I jailbreak it I can restore to back up? Or do I HAVE to loose all my apps/music/videos to jailbreak? I was gonna restore it but I just don't want to loose all my stuff.
    01-26-2010 02:08 PM
  6. Mikerotch0's Avatar
    And what is "DFU" mode?
    01-26-2010 02:09 PM
  7. en0c's Avatar
    Google or check Youtube to see how you put it in DFU-Mode.
    01-26-2010 04:39 PM
  8. Mikerotch0's Avatar
    So I should just try the restore and get back to you guys then? OK.
    I'll let you know what happens...
    01-26-2010 09:24 PM