1. Jj22e's Avatar
    I run intelliscreen and bite SMS to manage SMS. Intelliscreen has the status bar icon for new messages. It's worked great. Today I installed mBox mail and suddenly I have a new looking SMS notification icon that will not clear. Cpoincidence to mBox install? I uninstalled/reinstalled mBox - icon still there. Rebooted - still there. Disabled intelliscreen - still there.

    When I receive SMS I get a similar 2nd motification icon as always, which clears after reading...butthis new one remains no matter what I do. It's also orange

    anyone have any ideas?
    01-24-2010 09:34 PM
  2. flyingember's Avatar
    Start removing stuff until it's fixed

    remember, jailbreak apps can and do break stuff and your fix may be to wipe the phone and start over.
    01-24-2010 10:14 PM