1. RazzMan's Avatar
    Hey all,

    I'm a newbie here and to all this jailbreaking stuff, and so am also a little new to all the commonly used terms that are branded about!
    I've done a fair bit of reading, but don't understand haslf the stuff! lol
    Anyways, I got s a few problems, but I'll address them one by one - that seems to be the most logical way of doing things, don't you think?

    Firstly, since jailbreaking my iphone 3gs firmware 3.1.2, I have encountered the problem of not being able to download all the apps from appstore. Some of them download and work fine, but other just come up with an error message sayin I should download the app next time i log onto itunes. Also, updates for apps i already have installed seem to do the same thing.

    Have i missed a trick?

    Anyone able to help me?

    Cheers guys!
    01-18-2010 05:55 AM
  2. flyingember's Avatar
    sounds like your jailbreak wasn't done right or messed up. I would start over.
    01-18-2010 08:20 AM
  3. RazzMan's Avatar
    I've done that a few times. I mean, the jailbreak seems to have worked ok, I can get apps from cydia and stuff, just can't from appstore!
    01-18-2010 08:49 AM
  4. en0c's Avatar
    Have you tried restoring without using the backup?
    01-18-2010 09:14 AM
  5. RazzMan's Avatar
    Do you mean restoring to how it was before jailbreaking? If so, no I haven't, but would prefer not to do so coz would that not mean I'd lose all the apps I've put on since jailbreaking?

    And if I did that, would that mean my iphone is completely blank?
    01-18-2010 10:37 AM