1. MattWes360's Avatar
    Right ive just bought a iPhone from my friend for a rock bottom price
    (i know black market and all that, but im poor :o)
    Ive taken the iPhone home, jailbroke it and then unlocked it so i could use the current sim card tied to my contract on a different network.
    All was going well up until the point where i needed to put my sim card in.
    Ive placed the sim card into the tray and then restarted the iPhone only for it to reveal absolutely nothing to me Ive tried every method possible to try and fix this, even the ol' scotch/masking tape trick, but to no avail
    Ive placed my mums pay as you go sim card into the iPhone and it all works fine.

    Every contract sim which i have placed into the phone doesn't seem to want to work, but all the pay as you go ones do

    Any help would be appreciated
    01-14-2010 03:31 PM
  2. flyingember's Avatar
    your friend is part of the black market?????

    what provider(s) are the sim card from?
    01-15-2010 08:28 AM
  3. MattWes360's Avatar
    both sim cards are for orange, and ive even tried an 02 sim card in it aswell, but still nothing
    01-15-2010 02:00 PM
  4. zayragiselle's Avatar
    what unlocked program did you use???

    blacksn0w from cydia?
    01-15-2010 05:27 PM