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  1. spstatechamp53's Avatar
    I can't seem to find it anywhere. I have downloaded a couple of apps, but it didn't mention anything about paying for them. Anyone's help is appreciated. Thanks.
    01-13-2010 02:15 AM
  2. HAVOKID's Avatar
    All paid apps on Cydia are displayed in the search list in a BLUE font title and sub description. When you select the title to see the description it will display that you much purchase this app for X amount of dollars. Also when looking at a paid Cydia app, you will notice it will say "Purcahse" where it would usually say "Install". You can also find most of the paid apps in the Cydia Store: Products which is located in the Cydia front page.

    Also you will know it's a paid app because it would make you go through the process of signing up into your account with either Facebook or Google and pay either via PayPal or via Amazon before it gives you the option to "Install". Once paid for, it takes you back to Cydia to select the "Install" option.
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    01-13-2010 02:48 AM
  3. spstatechamp53's Avatar
    This helps me alot.
    01-13-2010 03:26 AM