1. shopgirl77's Avatar
    I have 3Gs, itune 3.1.2, got rock and mywi only. I am not sure if the jailbreak has anything to do with it at all. I purchased MobilNavigator driving software after install Rock. Since the app was too large, I had to use wifi to download, it got stuck right in the beginning of upload for a long time. Then I decided I'll use itune to download it and sync it afterwards. I did the itune download, everything seems to be okay, then I start to sync and got stuck again 1/7 of the way. I even try to give time, so I went to bed.... woke up and it is still at the same spot. Tried few more times.... still the same.

    any thoughts?

    01-07-2010 09:19 PM
  2. jamesus's Avatar
    Do either apps install?
    01-12-2010 02:17 PM