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    Hello everyone,

    New to this board. Thinking of buying the new Gs iphone and jailbreaking it (only can get dial-up here or AT&T's 5 gig limit data card - which is actually working pretty good on the trial period right now).

    My friend came over with her phone which was already jailbroken, but even though it said 'tethered' when we plugged it in, I only got 'page not found' messages when I tried to pull up a browser. My friend's phone also showed no packets going up or down.

    Anyone have any ideas about this? Not interested in apps, but I practically live on the internet on my laptop at home, and that 5 gig limit for $60/month is ridiculous.., but would hate to spend $199 for the phone and get into a two year contract with AT&T and then can't get anywhere. I can't get DSL or cable, this is it, folks.

    Thanks in advance...
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    Unfortunately, "tethering" with AT&T is risky business. If you use a noticible amount of data, they can (and HAVE, in some cases) charge you PER KB USED EXACTLY.

    I, myself, use an application on the iPhone called "MyWi" for jailbroken devices, which allows me to broadcast a WiFi hotspot from my iPhone. I use this for getting online with my XBOX, and surfing the web with my laptop, but NOT to download anything. That would be extremely noticible.

    I guess if you're good with moderation, you should be fine.

    However, if you're having trouble with the 5GB limit, I can tell you right now - if you think you're going to use MORE than 5GB a month while tethering, and still fly under the radar, you're insane.

    As far as your friend connecting her iPhone to your CPU and having it not work - did you actually have the newest version of iTunes? The drivers that allow tethering come with that. And in my experience, I've had the best luck with MyWi broadcasting a WiFi hotspot, BECAUSE of it's simplicity. Use your laptop to connect to your WiFi network, and that's it. Simple as hell.

    Overall, if after everything I've said, you still think that it sounds right for you, go for it. I'd recommend sn iPhone to everyone I know, it's THAT good. (Once it's jailbroken)
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