1. LVCIFER's Avatar
    Okay. Quick scenario.*

    I recently disconnected my cable Internet service because I am waiting for my fios to get here. It's taking a little but longer than it should, so I'm screwed for now. *

    So, I'm cut off.*

    I also happen to be a Call of Duty FREAK. It's been a while since I played, and I was really getting the itch, big time. In the worst way.*

    So, what to do?

    Then, I got hit with one of those "Real Men of Genius" moments.*

    My XBOX 360 has a wireless network adapter... and, I have "MyWi" on my phone, so... Gee, maybe I can use my 3G cell signal to broadcast a Wi•Fi hotspot for my XBOX 360 to connect to! Let's try it?

    So I did. And it WORKED! Christ, color me surprised! But surely, it couldn't be a GOOD connection you say.*

    Well... Wrong! I'm in NYC, one of the worst areas for AT&T service on the iPhone. And my XBOX Live signal never dropped below 3 out of 5 bars.*

    PLUS, the XBOX didn't kill me in data either!

    I spent 5 hours playing on my 3G signal, and I downloaded a total of 31.72MB, and uploaded a total of 27.93mb. Holy crap, that's less than watching YouTube!

    I just wanted to let everyone know about this in case you find yourself in a similar situation to the one I was in.*

    12-31-2009 12:59 AM
  2. GinoDotCom's Avatar
    holy sh*t that was a real men of genius move. I'm shocked you were able to play without lag. Even in ground war matches?

    I'm a big mw2 head too and have actually have connection issues with my dsl lately. I might try this (on ps3) but can't imagine the game not lagging!
    12-31-2009 03:47 AM
  3. LVCIFER's Avatar
    SURPRISINGLY ENOUGH - there was MINIMAL lag. I think there was ONE TIME in 5 hours where I was the host, and it had to stop the ame and migrate it to a different host because my connection wasn't strong enough for everyone else to leech off of.

    But DAMN I was surprised.
    12-31-2009 07:02 AM
  4. LVCIFER's Avatar
    And I played Hardcore Team Deathmatch, Hardcore Ricochet: Search & Destroy and Pro Headquarters Ricochet. Once again, minimal lag, and I'm in NYC. *chuckle*
    12-31-2009 07:04 AM
  5. LVCIFER's Avatar
    Hey Gino, did you try it? Let me know how it worked!
    01-02-2010 03:18 PM
  6. cobra302's Avatar
    That miwi is only jailbreak right?
    01-02-2010 04:24 PM
  7. LVCIFER's Avatar
    Yes, it is, but so worth it...
    01-02-2010 04:32 PM
  8. ph0enix's Avatar
    I agree. MyWi is great.
    01-04-2010 09:55 AM
  9. Branew17's Avatar
    Holy crap
    this could be extremely useful for me!!!
    Can you tell how exactly how you got your iphone to connect to your 360?
    01-04-2010 03:47 PM
  10. LVCIFER's Avatar
    Well, I happened to have the Xbox 360 wireless network adapter which is basically a USB Wi•Fi modem.

    I turned on "MyWi" on my iPhone. Then, I turned on the Xbox. Went into the Xbox Live Dashboard, and clicked on the "System" tab. In that tab, it will have a "Network" section. Use that section to tell your Xbox to connect to the MyWi network your iPhone is sending out.

    Voilà. Connect and play your games.
    01-04-2010 06:56 PM