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    I've had my Iphone for 2 years, purchased off my friend who was doing an insurance deal on his. Its never worked as a phone, more like an Ipod touch really, till I messed it up using some 3rd party software to upload songs of someone else comp and needed a SIM to restore it, since which its worked as a propper Iphone fine.

    I assume I have a gen one Iphone, I am running 2.2.1 and have modem firmware 02.30.03

    All I wanted to do at first was upgrade to version 3.0, but i'm apprehensive about upgrading as I read some upgrades can lock out an Iphone, and I dont know how legal/illegal mine is, although it restored and got the latest version at the time off Itunes and works as an Iphone fine.

    Then I started reading about JB and unlocking. Im not interested in using a different network provider, but the 3rd party apps sounds interesting. I have downloaded a program called QuickPwn but not used it yet.

    Do you think I would be safe to try the Itunes upgrade (although that will actually put 3.1.2 on my Iphone now, is that any worse) or should I just try upgrading a JB version?

    I've looked everywhere for specific info regarding this and read alsorts but nothing seems to be able to answer my questions.

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    If you're not interested in using your phone on other providers, then you can just upgrade to the new official OS from iTunes, and once you've done that, go to and download that program to jailbreak your iPhone. That will install an app, "Cydia" that acts as the 'third-party App Store'.

    Good luck.
    10-29-2009 06:35 AM
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    I have a program called quickpwn and pwnage, whats the difference between them and blackra1n??
    10-30-2009 07:30 AM
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    I'm not familiar with QuickPwn, but here's the deal.

    Blackra1n - it will jailbreak your phone the simplest and fastest way. But you have to upgrade your operating system through iTunes, and you will lose you're ability to unlock to other networks.

    PwnageTool - this will create a CUSTOM file/firmware (also known as OS/Operating System). In this custom file, it's the SAME UPGRADE that you get from iTunes, except: 1) Once you're done upgrading your OS, you're already jailbroken. 2) It RETAINS your ability to unlock your phone to other carriers in the future. 3) Its much more time consuming than blackra1n. 4) Its only available for the Mac.
    10-30-2009 07:55 AM
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    cheers for this info,

    i have downloaded and installed 3.1.2 the other day and alls good.

    if I run blackra1n and JB my phone, will i still be able to upgrade my iphone to newer versions in the future or will it also then require a newer blackra1n to JB the new upgrade of Iphone software?

    I'm sure ive read a couple of times that if your iphone switches off you have to run blackra1n again or something like that, is that true?

    When you say pwnage is more time consuming, does it just take longer to install to your phone or does it require slightly more technical knowledge where you have to change coding/strings etc?

    Because at the minute i am india for the forseeable future, i can't connect my iphone using sim as costs to much and wifi doesnt even exist where i am at present, so i cannot get any apps at all because it wont allow you to download then through a computer connection, only cellular data or wifi.
    With cydia, can i download thru my laptop and upload to my iphone or will it still require me to connect directly from my iphone?
    10-31-2009 03:09 AM