1. fakeenigma's Avatar
    hello all,
    i've been looking up the various topics, and was wondering if someone could clarify a few thing for me.
    i bought a 3Gs 16gb from the apple store today, and out the box its got firmware version 3.1 (7C144)
    from the guilds ive read, there isnt a jail break or unlocking software for an out the box phone that is on 3.1
    is that correct?
    ideally, i would want to unlock it so i can use my vodafone sim card on it.
    but i've seen guilds for 3.1.2 (most recent) firmware, but i read that jailbreaking/unlocking with this new firmware can lock (brick?) your phone up.
    so if there a point for me to remain on the 3.1, or should i risk it and upgrade to the 3.1.2?
    do u think there will be a program to unlock a 3.1 outthe box iphone in the near future?
    thanks to anyone who can help me get my head around this.
    10-17-2009 05:34 PM
  2. thebeerbaron83's Avatar
    upgrading to 3.1.2 wouldn't make any difference to you as you can jailbreak both 3.1 and 3.1.2, but cannot unlock either. You also must check your bootrom version to see if your device is even jailbreakable. Apple is cracking down on jailbreaking and has shipped their new batch of 3GS's with a bootrom that is not vulnerable to jailbreak at the moment. I beleive the new bootrom version is iBoot-359.3.2. you would have to put your device into DFU mode to get this information. Search the forums for how. The info is out there. sorry to be the bearer of bad news. you may also want to take a look at modmyi.com
    10-17-2009 07:33 PM
  3. fakeenigma's Avatar
    hi thanks for the reply... unfortunatly i must have done something wrong during the DFU mode, as i did what i was told (hold buttons down etc for ten seconds etc).. went into recovery mode, but didnt display the bootrom details, whats worst was that i couldnt turn it on as it was in recovery mode, and to reactive it, i had to use itunes to do it, and they upgraded me to 3.1.2 oh well.
    so, since i upgaded the firmware to 3.1.2, its no longer considered "out the box", which means i can jailbreak (as long as it the non iboot crack down)... what will happen if it is that 359.3.2 bootrom and i try and jailbreak? will it lock up, and will i have to do recovery again and reinstall it like i did when i messed up the DFU mode?
    10-19-2009 03:46 PM