1. chefcj30's Avatar
    Hi i just followed the steps for jailbreaking Iphone 3g 3.0 which I purchased from at&t 4 months ago. I have AT&T full data plan I tried using the phone to make a phone call or use the internet and nothing is working. All the app are the same/ cydia is a new one i tried using it but it won't let me access the internet. Do I have to unlock this phone to make it work? All help is appreciated Thanks I need this fixed by monday for work!! Or my *** is grass!!!

    HELP !!
    I am using my macbook if that helps with any questions
    10-17-2009 11:25 AM
  2. dragonc12's Avatar
    honestly your best option would probably be to restore your iPhone to new and then rejailbreak and reinstall your apps. if you try to jailbreak again and it STILL doesnt work for some reason, just restore the phone again. That way your "*** won't be grass" if you need to use it for work on monday.
    10-17-2009 01:07 PM