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    Hey everyone,

    I recently jailbroke my phone and learned how to SSH into it and all that jazz and I found a free Intelliscreen Alternative that shows notifications and everything like that and I've followed the instructions yet every time I install it it removes my lockscreen wallpaper and still implements the stock iPhone notification system with the blue when I get a text message or whatever. Anyone have any experience or know what I'm talking about? Here is the link to the instructions I followed.

    [Lockscreen] Weather + Alerts - FREE Intelliscreen Alternative - iPod touch Fans forum

    EDIT: Added what my lockscreen currently looks like. It says city and takes a second to load and has what seems like another city or something behind the Grand Rapids. Also, the calendar won't work and it's just a real headache! And also its cut off when someone calls me.

    Ok, figured out I had to tap the date to get calendar to open but look at the pictures to see what happens. I also found the Homescreen 2.0 in Cydia but it's the same story. Still all messed up.
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