1. weberm13's Avatar
    I just recently Jailbroke my iPhone 3G. I love it, and it seems to be working fine, except, I synced about 690 music tracks from iTunes on my mac to my iPhone, it was successful, but the tracks do not show up in the iPod on my iPhone. I know the tracks are on the phone because they are taking up about 5GB of space. I know the iPod itself is working because I can (and have this morning) downloaded a podcast directly from iTunes on my iPhone.

    I think this may be a file error or something, but as I am a Jailbreak NewB (not an iPhone NewB though) I sought help here.
    10-16-2009 07:31 AM
  2. Ipheuria's Avatar
    OK first try rebooting the phone. If that doesn't work then I would say as painful as it sounds uncheck all your songs that you are syncing to the iPhone. Do a sync to wipe out whatever songs are on the iPhone currently but don't show up. Then synce one or two songs, if they sync to the iPhone correctly then do all the rest.
    10-16-2009 07:40 AM
  3. weberm13's Avatar
    The Second option worked. Thanks for the quick response.

    @weberm13 on "the" twitter
    10-16-2009 11:20 AM