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    I'm still a little new at this so please bare with me. I've done quite a few readings on the dev's blog and on here and else where, but I'm really over my head, I'm straight confused about this process. I just purchased my iphone 3GS 2 months ago and used RedSnow "Windows Version" to jailbreak it. The jail breaking part was very easy to accomplish, but now because of the recent new apple update for the iphone, I am truly unprepared as to how I should process this update and jailbreak it without losing any of my current cydia applications. I have no reason to unlocking this device anytime soon. My iphone is currently at version 3.0 (7A341) redsnow. Now I have a imac and have a few questions please if the community can help me and maybe shine a few lights for others.

    1. Because I used redsnow previously, am I able to switch and use another program such as Pwntool/blackrain for jailbreaking?

    2. Are we to restore our iphone via itunes before doing an update and then proceed to jailbreaking it?

    3. In what steps of the process of jailbreaking does it involve going into the itunes program and using it?

    ***If you are not answering any or part of my questions, please don't post. Questions are allowed for further help for others, thanks.***
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    lol, I love LMGTFY
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    lol, I love LMGTFY
    The funniest way of saying, do you own research.
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    It seems your link is broken sir. It only searches for random links, no tutorials.
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    What's with the crazy influx of JBers this forum is on fire. Anyway there are a whole bunch of threads with links to the guides for JB using pwnage tool. If you've used another program to JB I've read the JBing with pwnage tool could fix any probs with the JB?
    10-13-2009 08:00 PM