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    So I had a jailbroken 3GS on 3.0.1 and decided to upgrade today using the new PwnageTool 3.1.4. I made the custom firmware using expert mode, and activate was checked. I am on AT&T and my phone was never unlocked before and I don't need to unlock, but may need to in the future when I travel abroad to Europe so I've been avoiding updating the baseband.

    I upgraded successfully except now I don't have service and cannot use the phone part of my phone. Any thoughts? How can I do this again and just have iTunes automatically activate my phone?

    Thanks and congrats to the DevTeam on another fine release.

    EDIT: After doing some reading around, I've read that official AT&T users should not have "Activate" when making the custom firmware so iTunes will activate it automatically. I'm going to restore again with the new custom firmware and try this and hopefully everything will work out and people with this problem can see this thread and fix theirs too.
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    10-13-2009 02:59 PM
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    I was just going to tell you the same thing, you don't need activate checked. So uncheck it and make a new custom firmware and re-JB you'll be fine.
    10-13-2009 03:05 PM
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    Yep all better now, thanks!
    10-13-2009 03:14 PM