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    Hello. im about to buy a 3.0 3gs unlocked(i suppose it has JB too, since dont think u can unlock without cydia, right?). is there any way(and if there is, some instructions please) to upgrade it to 3.1/3.1.2 and keep the unlock?
    (i dont and the seller doesent know either with what it was unlocked/JBed)

    Thank you
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    When you get the phone now and forever DON'T UPGRADE IN ITUNES!!! If you have a Mac get pwnage tool, there are a couple threads already with the new version released by the Dev-Team to JB(Jailbreak) 3.1.2. Then get the firmware you will use with pwnage tool, specific to your phone ie. 3Gs, to create your custom ipsw/ispw. Read up on the process, it's really simple but you have to know how to do it properly. Then backup your iPhone in iTunes, sync if you have any contacts, notes, etc. Then JB the phone. Once JB connect to iTunes and it will tell you that a new phone has been connected do you want to restore from your most recent backup. This will put back all your apps, contacts, etc. It will not replace the JB so no need to worry. Once you've JB the phone the same threads that mention the new pwnage tool have links to the guide to unlock after you JB which is even shorter. If you have Windows then look for the threads about blackra1n that will JB the phone and again the unlock is the same from the guide I mentioned above. The same steps applies for Windows just different tool to do the JB.
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    okay, thank you for the detailed answer. guess im gonna leave it at 3.0 ) atleast for now, as im totally new to iphones and i dont wanna brick it
    10-13-2009 01:30 PM