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    Hi guys, i heard they released jailbreak for 3.1.2 version without unlocking. Since i upgraded my version to 3.1.2 and i was hoping they might release an unlock for 3.1.2 version. I really don't want to jailbreak my phone, all i want to do is change the carrier because i wont be using rogers, and my Friend was using Rogers and he gave me his iPhone because he didn't like it very much because he got a blackberry for work. I called Rogers Yesterday and i asked if theres anyway they could unlock it and they said " No we currently can't unlock the carrier, the carrier is locked. The only way you could unlock it is to take to a special 3rd party store where they can unlock cellphones for you. " So i started looking up on googles for Toronto Cellphone Stores and i found couples and they said they are trying/releasing in couple weeks the 3.1.2 version, and they said the cost is around 30-40 dollars. Since I know the older versions were unlockable for free.. and i was hoping they might be an unlock for the 3.1.2 version for free..( Note: im not really cheap to pay 30-40 dollars, i just want to know if i could get the program for free instead paying).

    So im here to ask if anyone hears or has seen blogs or on twitter that geohot,blackra1n, etc.. that are releasing unlock and if not, would any of you guys post on their forums or find out if they will be releasing and ask when is it going to be released.

    Thanks guys for your support.
    10-12-2009 07:47 PM
  2. CrazRid's Avatar
    Could i get some quick info's here :\ Please.
    10-12-2009 07:59 PM
  3. CrazRid's Avatar
    Anyone here, i just need simple answers :|
    10-12-2009 08:11 PM
  4. sting7k's Avatar
    There is currently no unlock for 3.1.2 and if you upgraded to that from iTunes. No one knows if or when it will even be possible because you cannot downgrade the baseband needed to unlock as you could in past versions.
    10-12-2009 08:15 PM
  5. CrazRid's Avatar
    But could i take it to a special cellphone store where i pay them to do it?
    10-12-2009 08:24 PM
  6. thebeerbaron83's Avatar
    Yeah, unfortunately your SOL until the dev team can figure out how to unlock the current baseband.
    10-12-2009 08:28 PM
  7. sting7k's Avatar
    No they don't have any way to unlock it either.
    10-12-2009 08:31 PM
  8. CrazRid's Avatar
    Well sting i called them they said i have to wait 2-3 weeks,
    10-12-2009 08:35 PM
  9. flyingember's Avatar
    But could i take it to a special cellphone store where i pay them to do it?
    What kind of special cellphone store are you talking about?

    What country are you in?
    10-12-2009 08:36 PM
  10. CrazRid's Avatar
    Toronto, Ontario
    10-12-2009 08:41 PM
  11. CrazRid's Avatar
    Well not Special i mean like a Cellphone store, that they repair, fix, replace, sell random phones, unlocks and etc.
    10-12-2009 08:42 PM
  12. sting7k's Avatar
    Well I don't know what they could do. The "hackers" have said there is no way to unlock this version. But no one knows if or when they might be able to do it.
    10-12-2009 08:42 PM
  13. CrazRid's Avatar
    Well okay, ill see with these guys that said in 2 weeks.. But are the dev team tryin to hack, or look and find ways to do it?
    10-12-2009 08:45 PM
  14. sting7k's Avatar
    I'm sure they and may others are trying.
    10-12-2009 08:49 PM
  15. jamesus's Avatar
    Well okay, ill see with these guys that said in 2 weeks.. But are the dev team tryin to hack, or look and find ways to do it?
    I'd be surprised if this was true. There are a number of "vendors" out there selling unlocks and making promises about unlocking the iPhone. I would advise against listening to these promises. The Dev Team is the one that has proven to be most trust worthy in providing the unlocking. Plus, the unlock they release is free.
    10-13-2009 08:47 AM
  16. PocketAces21's Avatar
    There's nothing a little shop can do that the rest of us can't.
    10-13-2009 09:41 AM
  17. big9erfan's Avatar
    The Dev team is working on finding an unlock but the timeline is completely unknown.
    10-13-2009 09:44 AM
  18. djsambroak's Avatar
    whats this i hear about the 2g being able to downgrade the baseband though? I havent been told how to do it yet, but im asking around. if you have a 2g you might be in luck.

    at least when they come out with the unlock. I think.
    10-13-2009 11:53 AM
  19. Ipheuria's Avatar
    I'm in Toronto, I've JB and unlocked my friend's phones and I've had my phones unlocked by friends before I knew how to do it myself. I've also read threads on here that have really taught me alot of things. So here's the info which is in 3 or 4 threads already so you should search and you would have found the info quick. When you upgrade to 3.1 and above it upgrades the baseband for the modem. The new version makes the phone unable to be unlocked currently, and maybe forever or a very long, long time. You can still JB the phone. There is an app in Cydia called fuzzyband and 3G fuzzyband that might downgrade the baseband to pre 3.1 which would enable you to unlock the phone. I haven't heard of anyone successfully using it so I can't tell you if it works or not. So there is nowhere you can take the phone, paid or not that would be able to do it. Which carrier was the phone locked to?

    At this point you can wait for the possibility of a future unlock or you can sell the phone as locked to whatever the previous carrier was and buy an unlocked iPhone with the money.
    10-13-2009 12:10 PM