1. CrazRid's Avatar
    Okay i heard that they released Jailbreak iPhone 3.1.2 for iPhones. But did they release the Unlocking? Cause i have 3.1.2 (7D11) Version and Modem Firmware : 05.11.07, so can it be unlocked?
    10-11-2009 12:50 PM
  2. tsuehpsyde's Avatar
    There are currently no unlocks for that baseband, so no, you're stuck unless you can downgrade the baseband to one that ultrasn0w supports.
    10-11-2009 12:55 PM
  3. CrazRid's Avatar
    Okay So where can i downgrade? Post me a link please and will it be a problem when in November Bell's Releasing iPhone i could get a sim card from them?

    and are they trying to get an unlock for my baseband?
    10-11-2009 12:58 PM
  4. tsuehpsyde's Avatar
    It depends on what phone you're using.

    2G -> Boot Neuter
    3G -> FuzzyBand (if your phone has the proper bootloader)
    3GS -> No way to downgrade at all.
    10-11-2009 01:01 PM
  5. CrazRid's Avatar
    Im Using a 3GS 16GB. :\

    So theres no way :\

    But is there going to be a way some point?

    Or Can i Go to Bell in november when they release or go to rogers and have them to unlock?
    10-11-2009 01:02 PM
  6. tsuehpsyde's Avatar
    Right now there's no way unless you got your phone with 3.0/3.0.1. If you got it with 3.1/3.1.2 out of the box, then you cannot unlock from the carrier at all.

    As for ETA, nothing has been said by any of the prominent groups. They're looking for a way similar to boot neuter last I heard, but basically, there is nothing even close to being released that will unlock your phone. I'm sure they will find a way to do it, but as far as when, nobody has any idea except those on the scene (geo, chronic, dev team, etc).
    10-11-2009 01:04 PM
  7. CrazRid's Avatar
    Okay i got my iPhone from an Freind and it was with 3.0 version and i updateed it. But im sure theres a way you can unlock from the carrier or go to a special store and have them unlock it.
    10-11-2009 01:05 PM
  8. tsuehpsyde's Avatar
    If you updated from 3.0 to 3.1 without ever jailbreaking it, your ability to unlock is gone. Some carriers will unlock it for you, but I am unfamiliar with how that works.
    10-11-2009 01:07 PM
  9. CrazRid's Avatar
    Yeah i Updated to 3.0 to 3.1 then after to 3.1.2, I NEVER even tried to jailbreak it. But im Sure Bell Could unlock it when they release iPhones in November or i could call rogers and ask
    10-11-2009 01:09 PM