1. TOASTIE's Avatar
    hello im very new to all this . i just got myself a 3g second hand and it got this cydia on as an app thing ? does this meen it jail broken or any thing ? iv jsut updated to the 3.1 software does this make any difference to it ?

    cheers for any help d
    10-08-2009 11:32 AM
  2. ScottUrman's Avatar
    If you have cydia installed that means that it is jailbroken. But if you updated to 3.1 using iTunes that will unjailbreak it, and you won't have cydia any more.

    Cydia is an application which allows you to download additional apps and themes.
    10-08-2009 11:34 AM
  3. jglowe74's Avatar
    if it's updated to 3.1, i'd be surprised if the jailbreak will still work. cydia may be installed, but until you try to download something off of it we won't know that it still works. reason i say that is because the release of 3.1 has rendered most JB's useless until the DevTeam releases their update.

    but to answer your question, Cydia is an 'app store' for JB. it has apps that provide different features/enhancements for your iPhone, it has apps, it has themes, wallpapers, etc, etc. play around on it and you'll soon see what all it has to offer.

    that's why i'm still on OS 3.0.1 so that i can keep my JB functional.
    10-08-2009 11:36 AM
  4. TOASTIE's Avatar
    cheers chaps . so i shouldn't of updated before asking really . o well no worry,s . i take it i cant un-update it ?
    10-08-2009 11:43 AM
  5. jglowe74's Avatar
    cheers chaps . so i shouldn't of updated before asking really . o well no worry,s . i take it i cant un-update it ?
    i've seen discussions about this online (and quite possibly here on TiPb). but i don't have any direct links to provide you. try searching the forum. plus, i have no idea about the success rate of doing this 'downgrade' just to achieve JB status. either way, good luck!
    10-08-2009 11:45 AM
  6. Ipheuria's Avatar
    Yeah if you upgraded to 3.1 try opening Cydia and using it and report back. I would be really interested in seeing if it still worked. Everyone has already answered your questions so I will only add that if your phone was working perfectly alot of people find the JB iPhone is much more customizable than the locked vanilla iPhone.
    10-08-2009 11:46 AM
  7. TOASTIE's Avatar
    just checked and it seems since the update it has gone . its not in my itune either , i ges it was deleted in the update .
    10-08-2009 12:03 PM