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    First post here - hope I'm in the right place. Had my phone for around 8 months, a gift from my brother - he found he couldn't use it with his fat fingers... and he was living in Bulgaria at the time. The phone had been unlocked already.
    It's a first generation ( I think) Model A1203, 8GB. Today, in a fit of madness, and because I've got a new Imac, I decided to upgrade the software. It did all that it should , and then declared that it had the incorrect Sim in it (I'm in Ireland, and the iPhone is tied to O2 - I'm with Vodafone,) and now it just sits there, only able to call the emergency numbers apparently.

    Where do I start? I had a quick look at jailbreaking, and it seems I need to verify the firmware. This, of course is awkward with the phone as it is now.

    So.. question is - where do I start? I'm reasonable proficient at this sort of thing, but Macs are new to me, and I've never unlocked a phone before.

    Any help at all would be appreciated.


    10-07-2009 12:43 PM
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    Welcome to the party!

    Your best bet is to start here. read and then re-read all steps and you should be good to go!

    10-07-2009 12:52 PM
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    Seems I have to update the firmware to 2.2.1. Downloaded it ok, but when I tried to install it, I got a message saying
    10-07-2009 03:01 PM
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    Ignore that last message.. Seems I need to download the 3.0 firmware from via Itunes. But - because O2 have the license for Iphones in Ireland, and my sim card is Vodafone..the Imac won't even look at the phone. It just states "wrong sim card - get the proper one" or similar.
    Is there any way I can download into the phone from another source?

    Came across this site...felixbruns.de/iPod/firmware/]iPod and iPhone Firmware Download[/url] ...which seems to have various firmware versions. Is this a possibility? Is there any way I should know what version to download, as there are several "version 3's". Am I in the correct forum here, or should I be in the Jailbreaking/Unl;ocking section?


    10-07-2009 03:09 PM
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    Nichollette, what you need to do is to look into something called "Hacktivating" your phone. Since you don't have the valid SIM card for O2, you're going to have to install a firmware, most likely 3.1, and hactivating it outside of iTunes.

    Do you have a mac computer? Because it sounds like the tool you need is Pwnage Tool. Get back to me with details, on both your CPU AND your iPhone, and I'll try to help.

    Golden rule - don't update anything yet, until we have a better idea on what needs to be done.
    10-07-2009 03:14 PM
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    Oh, yes - if you have NOT upgraded to 3.1 yet, DONT DO IT YET. If you do, you may never be able to unlock it again.

    When you updated your iPhone, through iTunes, what version did they tell you that you were upgrading to?
    10-07-2009 03:17 PM
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    Thanks for the reply...

    It's a Imac 2.8 gig Intel core duo - and I tried to upgrade the phone software today.. I guess that makes it likely to be the latest - right? In which case I'm in BIG trouble - right?

    It's running Leopard osx10.5 I think it is...

    The iphone is first generation I believe, 2G, model A1203

    Yours in hope...

    10-07-2009 04:00 PM